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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer - Mrs. Z. Carr

Head Teacher - Mrs. L. Saunders

Deputy Head Teacher - Miss. E. Smith
Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs. C. Partis

SENCOs - Miss. C. Morgan & Mrs. V. Daniels 

Assistant Head Teacher for Early Years - Mrs. J. Penfold

Assistant Head Teacher for Key Stage 1 - Mrs. S. James
Assistant Head Teacher for Lower Key Stage 2 - Ms. M. Laing 

Lead for Upper Key Stage 2 - Mrs. C. Partis

Assistant Head Teacher for Social, Emotional & Mental Health -  Mrs. J. Johnson-Burns


For parent queries:  Miss. M. Archer via the School Office on 0191 265 5362

For public queries:  Please contact the School Office who will be able to direct you to the right person


Additional Resources Centre Team

Mrs. V. Daniels - Teacher (Class ARC VD)

Miss C. Morgan - Teacher (Class ARC CM)

Mrs. J. Gibbons - ARC Teaching Assistant


Playgroup Team

Mrs. L. Greener - Playgroup Leader
Ms. C. Kemmish - Playgroup Teaching Assistant 


Foundation Stage Team

Ms. H. Guest - Nursery Teacher

Mrs. J. McKie - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Penfold - Reception Teacher (Class RJP)

Miss. E. Balmain - Reception Teacher (Class RRL)

Ms. J. Kennon - Reception Teaching Assistant 


Key Stage 1 Team

Miss. P. Gallagher - Year 1 Teacher (Class 1PG)
Miss. L. Spurr - Year 1 Teacher (Class 1LS)

Mrs. S. James / Miss. J. Groves - Year 2 Teacher (Class 2SJ)

Miss. G. Moodie - Year 2 Teacher (Class 2GM)
Miss. L. Forster  - Year 2 Teacher (Class 2LF)

Mr. M. Blackman - Teaching Assistant

Miss. E. Dawson - Teaching Assistant 

Ms C. Warren - Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 2 (Lower) Team

Mrs. K. Lycett / Mr. S. Phillipson / Mrs. S. Richardson - Year 3 Teachers (Class 3KL/SR)

Ms. M. Laing - Year 3 Teacher (Class 3ML)

Mrs. B. Wilenius - Year 3 Teacher (3BW)


Mrs. L. Towers - Year 4 Teacher (Class 4LT)

Miss. R. Miley - Year 4 Teacher (Class 4RM)
Miss. L. Byers - Trainee Teacher

Mrs. G. Morgan - Teaching Assistant
Mr. C. Gray - SEN Teaching Assistant 


Key Stage 2 (Upper) Team

Miss. D. Appleby - Year 5 Teacher (Class 5DA)

Miss. A. Gooseman - Year 5 Teacher (Class 5AG)
Mr. J. Sheader - Year 5 Teacher (5JS)

Miss. V. Reilly - Teaching Assistant

Mr. D. Hall - Year 6 Teacher (Class 6DH)

Mrs. H. Buckley - Year 6 Teacher (Class 6HB)

Ms. A. Riley - Year 6 Teacher (Class 6AR)

Ms. D. Taylor - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr. D. Laidler - Teaching Assistant


Non-Class Based Team
Mrs. L. Kernivinen - Cover Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages (Maternity)
Ms. C. Stanley - Cover Teacher, Art
Mrs. K. Lowers - Cover Teacher, Science


Administration and Family Support Team
Miss. S. Watton - Office Manager
Miss. A. Laybourne - Administrative Officer
Miss. L. Walker - Administrative Officer
Miss. C. Haigh - Admin Apprentice

Miss. M. Pape - Family Liaison Officer
Miss. M. Archer - Family Liaison Officer
Mrs. R. Whelan - Attendance Officer 

Midday Team

Mrs. T. Gunning - Midday Supervisor

Mrs. D. Bell - Supervisory Assistant

Mrs. C. Colquhoun - Supervisory Assistant

Mrs. J. Drape - Supervisory Assistant

Mrs. T. Wilcox - Playground Activities Leader

Miss. J. Marr - Supervisory Assistant
Miss. M. Edwards - Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. S. Smith - Supervisory Assistant
Ms. D. Tait - Supervisory Assistant


Site Team

Mr. D. Blackett - Caretaker
Mrs. J. Bell - Cleaner in Charge

Mrs. D. Bell - Cleaner
Mr. R. Johnston - Cleaner

Mr. L. Taylor - Cleaner

Mrs. J. Jones - Cleaner
Miss. K. Howatt - Cleaner
Mr. L. Taylor - Cleaner


Kitchen Team

Mrs. D. Lee - School Chef

Ms. E. Wearmouth - Cook

Mrs. E. Hardy - Cook

Mrs. M. O'Keefe - Cook

Mrs. K. Elliott - Cook
Miss. J.  Hall - Cook
Miss. K. Cairns - Cook