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Speech and Language ARC

The Speech and Language Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC) at Welbeck Academy  is a specialised provision for Newcastle learners aged 4 - 11.  The provision is for learners who have speech and language difficulties and need the benefit of additional support to access mainstream education in school.


The provision offers full-time mainstream education and additional access to:

  • Teachers with specialist skills and training
  • Support staff with specialist skills and training
  • Supported inclusion in mainstream lessons
  • Two learning bases where young people receive higher levels of support
  • Specialist equipment and resources
  • NHS Speech & Language Therapy


The provision can be accessed by learners who have a formal plan agreed with the Local Authority.


The ARC has two classes of eight children who have some element of difficulty with speech and language.  Some of the children travel to the academy every day by minibus or taxi.  Welbeck Academy has a policy of integration for children placed in the ARC.  The children go to assemblies, eat lunch and have playtime with the rest of the academy's children but additional staff supervise and support them at these times.  If it is appropriate to the child's need, some children continue to attend their 'base' school on a part-time basis and have a dual placement.


The children are taught a highly differentiated curriculum, that is suited to their specific needs.


Each child has a unique cluster of strengths and difficulties.  We teach in groups and one to one, according to the child's needs.  Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) is an integral part of each day.


The ARC at Welbeck Academy has a family atmosphere and the children are encourage to care for and support one another.  Children stay with us as long as they need to and when the time is right, they will return to their mainstream school.


ARC Staff


Mrs. Jenna Johnson Burns - Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion

Mrs. Vicky Daniels - Teacher
Miss Charlotte Morgan - Teacher

Mrs. Stacey Leech - Teaching Assistant
Miss Beth Dixon - Speech and Language Therapist