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Leading Parent Partnership Award

Great news!


On Monday, we were visited by an assessor for the Leading Parent Partnership Award.  After a day of talking to children, parents, staff and Governors as well observing Family Learning sessions and joining in Christmas Craft, we are delighted to let you know that we have been given the Leading Parent Partnership Award!  Fantastic!


The assessor wrote:


'The school is welcoming and communication has definitely improved recently:  parents are confident to approach staff and recognise that they are willing to provide information and support both by attending at school in person and also over the telephone.....  The two-way communication systems in place provide information and support for parents: e.g. weekly newsletters, letters, text messages and also staff presence on the yard.  The open door policy of the Headteacher was definitely viewed by parents as a positive step and was in operation.....  The Parent Focus Group provides an avenue for parental voice into school.  Feedback is also returned to parents and actions taken as required.  This has proved to be a very effective activity to identify barriers between staff and parents and enables parents to the listened to and provided with feedback......'




We are proud to have been judged a real success.  We will continue to work to make improvements like our 'Men Behaving Dadly' group coming soon!


Well done, everyone!  What a team!