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Homework Questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our homework questionnaire.  We were very pleased that 126 questionnaires were returned - this is great.  Thank you very much.


As you know, we asked you what you thought about homework.  We wanted to know if you think we are sending home the right amount and if we are sending the right things.


The Results


Do you think that we send:


Too much: 24%

Not enough: 10%

Just the right amount: 66%


Would you support using homework to concentrate on basic skills, such as spellings and times tables, etc.?


Yes: 72%

No: 28%


Is there anything else you want to tell us about homework?  (Some comments)


'I think homework should concentrate on the basics.... More focus on times tables is a good idea'


'Sometimes we don't have the right resources at home to get the homework done right.'


'I think homework should be varied..... Children get bored of times tables and spellings.'


'We think it should be the subject they are learning at school..... focus on things they find difficult to comprehend in the classroom.'


'M loves coming home with homework.  He loves to show me exactly what he has been learning but gets disappointed when there is no more work to do..... Would appreciate more homework in the future.'


'I think they get too much homework, but I do like the variety.'


'Stick to spellings!'


You have told us what you think.  We have listened.  Now we will act.  Watch this space!