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We use the new national curriculum to deliver our mathematics curriculum. Our learning is cyclical, meaning that each area is revisited several times throughout the year.


At the heart of the mathematics curriculum is a drive for every child to gain a sound understanding of basic number skills. Each day children spend at least twenty minutes focusing on this area using a programme called Big Maths, which is very interactive and requires input from all of the children. Every week we use fun assessments called ‘Big Maths, Beat That’ and CLIC to try to beat our best ever score. Each child is assessed against these and gaps in learning form the basis of intensive intervention so that crucial understanding is not missed. Children are also taught the skills and knowledge associated with all other mathematical attainment targets. These, as well as all areas of number, are then applied across the curriculum in the context of the enquiry based topic of the half term.


A clear calculation policy ensures that children understand methods of computation; formal methods are taught as soon as children are ready. New concepts are first explored in the concrete, using practical equipment such as dienes and Numicon, which lead to the visual and then to the abstract. By adhering to this methodology, children develop a secure understanding which they build on as they move through school.


Children are supported in their learning by a mathematically rich learning environment and wide range of resources. These are used on a daily basis and ensure that all children demonstrate their understanding and the teacher assesses learning accurately.