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Over the last 12 months we have been researching the best “homework” for children in primary school.  You’ll be surprised to hear that it has been proven that many types of homework DO NOT work and DO NOT improve your child’s performance in school. 

Some types REALLY make a difference and truly help all children do well in school.  One thing is clear:


Homework works best for the child when parents and their children work together on activities. 


This year we will only send home homework that REALLY MATTERS and is proven to work.  Below is what we will be sending home this year:


  • READING: Parents taking time out of their busy lives to hear their child read makes a huge difference.  Children's progress in reading and writing is highly likely to increase by a number of steps in a short period of time.  Reading books will be sent home every day.  Please hear your child read as often as possible (every night for a few minutes would be great!). Don’t lose the books and always send them back into school so they can be changed.
  • MENTAL MATHS:  Spend a short time every day helping your child learn about numbers through counting and learning their times tables off by heart. This will make a huge difference to your child’s success.  Their progress in school will dramatically improve in a short period of time.  Every ½ term your child teacher will send home a list of mental maths facts that we would like you to help your child learn.  If you lose the list, ask for another one – please don’t give up.
  • SPELLING:  learning how to spell key words is an essential life skill.  It has been proven that children spell, write and read to a much higher standard if they have spellings to learn each week.  Again, their progress in spelling, reading and writing could improve dramatically if you help at home.  It can be great fun, get your child chanting how to spell words, practise writing them down, put the words into sentences, make a word search, bubble writing their spelling words, making a collage of each word from letters cut out of the newspaper. Try to do something each night. Every week your child will be sent home with a spelling word list.  If you lose the list, ask for another one – your child deserves it.


Some will read this letter and think, that’s not enough!  I want to do more – how wonderful we think!  We believe that the following will make a huge difference too:

  • Make sure your child goes to bed early every night.
  • Make sure they have healthy meals and eat together as a family as often as possible. 
  • Make sure your child eats a decent breakfast – not crisps or chocolate I’m afraid.
  • Join the library and read lost of stories together as a family, especially bedtime stories.
  • Sing songs together, even if you do sound dreadful– especially nursery rhymes for younger children.
  • Play games as a family – Kerplunk, Guess Who, Buckaroo, Operation, Battleships, Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga, Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Cluedo, Connect Four, Twister, Frustration, Pictionary, Hungry Hippos, pick up sticks, cards.  The list is endless and these games teach vital life skills that your child will need in school and when they grow up.
  • Draw, colour, paint, make models with play dough/ plastecine.  Build using boxes and yoghurt pots.
  • Play games outside as a family – tag, hide and seek, skipping, hop scotch, go to the park together and play on the slide/ swings.  Make dens in the garden and tell stories.
  • Limit their time on phones/ ipads/ computer games each day.


You, as parents, are your children’s role models. They look up to you and learn so much from you. Show them what you’re capable of!


The Welbeck team believe that by working together, we really can make a difference to the lives of our children.  Please support us with homework this year.


Yours sincerely,


Louise Saunders

Head Teacher

September 2016